Battle Trail is a top down party RPG, where the player takes controls of three heroes. Switching between the Warrior, Archer, and Wizard the player must fight through the onslaught of enemies.


1 - Warrior, 2 - Archer, 3 - Wizard

Left Click - Basic Attack

Right Click - Special 1

Space Bar - Special 2

This was a student project made at Full Sail University,

Philip Simpson - Lead Developer

Nathan Vanek - Developer

Henry Adugba - Developer / Designer

Nick Carlson - Developer / Designer

Zadkiel Rodriguez - Developer / Designer

John Oleske - Executive Producer / Course Director

Shawn Paris - Associate Producer / Lab Specialist

Sean Hathaway - Associate Producer / Lab Specialist

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Published145 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
TagsAction-Adventure, Action RPG, Fantasy, Fighting, Team-Based
Player countSingleplayer


Battle Trail Installer.exe (56 MB)